Crocheting My Way to California - Part 2

Fletchling and Fletchinder

 (Fletchinder Pattern)

I’ve heard of Pokemon.  I know it exists.  That’s about it.  During the move - I admit it - the boys and I have watched (much) more Netflix than usual.  During this time, they discovered Pokemon and started speaking in an entirely different language.  

Fletchinder is on the left.  Fletchling is on the right.  Got it.  Good.

Fletchinder is on the left.  Fletchling is on the right.  Got it.  Good.

One day, my oldest showed up at my side with a diagram he made of a pokeball.  “Mom.  I have a great idea for your next yarning project.  What do you think?”  I had no idea what it was, so I searched on-line.  Little did I know how active the Pokemon world is in crochet.  When all of the images of different Pokemon characters started showing up, he changed his mind.  He picked Fletchling.  For those that don’t know…it’s some kind of a bird…thing…  

I found this pattern on-line by Heart In Flight Crochet.  The pattern is well written and easy to follow.  

This is one of my first amigurami projects.  It’s very different form working on a flat project, such as a blanket or scarf.  I found myself getting frustrated with all of of the little pieces and having to sew them together afterwards.  I was constantly thinking that there had to be a better (and faster) way.  I think the pieces are just part of the process working with animals. I think the pattern I found was good, but I realized there are techniques used for snowflakes that could be used to simplify the tail at least!  

Fletchinder likes to fly.

Fletchinder likes to fly.

Well, one thing led to another.  My younger son, immediately asked if I could make him Fletchinder.  Since I know you’re dyeing to ask, Fletchinder is the next level of Fletchling.  (That’s all I’ve got, for you.  Seriously.)

I couldn’t find patterns for Fletchinder on-line.  I started with the pattern for Fletching I found at Heart In Flight Crochet and came up with my own for Fletchinder. 

I wrote out the pattern I created.  (Fletchinder Pattern)  This is the first time I’ve written a pattern for other people to use.  If you have any question, please just ask!!  And please be forgiving.  I’m running around in a place I don’t know, living in a small apartment, with nothing familiar to me, trying to teach and entertain two very good but bored boys.  I can’t even put together a grocery list right now.  The only thing I have that’s familiar is my crochet bag(s) and my family.  So, I put my head down, ignored the laundry and everything else, went to Joann’s at least twice, and wrote out a pattern.