A Little Something For Myself

Fall is in the air! I haven't written anything in a while because we have been outside riding bikes, playing baseball, and doing anything else we can outdoors. The weather has been glorious! Cool mornings and evenings, sunny, warm afternoons. We were even able to sneak in a little apple picking this past weekend...


My fingers have been flying through Pinterest looking for apple recipes.  Last year, I tried to be healthy and make applesauce.  The boys hated it because the texture wasn't the same as what comes out of the jar.  So, I figure why fight it.  We are going to make apple pie and maybe another dessert...or two.

The trees are really just beginning to change, but there are so many ways that fall colors shine.  I have some orange and green yarn in the drawer.  I may be getting inspired for a new project...

Even though school has started, we've had a few colds, and we've been spending as much time outside as possible, I have managed to crochet a little along the way.  I'm so worn out in the evening that I don't have much energy to do anything else.  So, I have been trying to get a few rows in at a time.  And this time around, I went bold!  I'm made a little something for myself (Really?) and it is so colorful!

My friends are probably wondering who this woman is with her crazy, bright pink and yellows!  

I was inspired by Purl Bee.  This color combination just called out to me for some reason.  (Plus, I had some skeins of yarn in pretty similar colors, so I didn't need to go shopping!)

The colors are beautiful in the granny stripe scarf, so why not in a shawl?

I followed the color sequence in the scarf pattern, and used a typical granny shawl pattern.  I love the granny pattern.  There is almost no counting involved!

I added a little of my own twist with a couple of rows of double crochet near the end.  I was planning on doing a more dramatic edging detail, but I was low on yarn, so I used a simple shell.

The gray is exactly two skeins of Vanna White Choice, Gray Marble.  The rest is a combination of things I had leftover from other projects.  

I finished it at the end of last week and showed it off to the boys.  They were very sweet and said lots of nice things.  Then, the youngest started commenting on how cold he was, and if he had my new triangle blanket, he would be warm.  So, a few nights it went to bed with him.  Now I have reclaimed it and I'm enjoying it on the cool evenings.