e-design and schematic architectural services


WHAT IS E-DESIGN? E-Design is an affordable and practical alternative to traditional architectural design services.

This service is perfect if you know you aren’t happy with some aspect of your home or office, but you arent sure what changes to make. You get the benefit of hiring an experienced architect without committing to a complete set of construction drawings.

By working together, we can help you create a plan for space you’ve always wanted.

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HOW DOES IT WORK? We take measurements and photos of your space, your budget and a description of what you want, and provide you with a design package. The design package will provide enough information for you to get a cost estimate from a contractor. With this information you can decide if you want to move forward with the project. 

This process allows you to: 

   •     Design a project on your schedule and within your budget.

   •     Visualize the project before deciding to proceed with construction.

   •     Try before you buy. Wondering what some minor tweaks will do to you project? We keep your 3-D rendering on file so you never have to guess.

WHAT DO YOU RECEIVE?  Whether you choose full-service or partial DIY, we will provide a design package with a 3D drawing, a floor plan, and product recommendations. (Click here for a sample package.)

If you arent sure which design package is right for you, please contact us. We’re happy to offer a free 30 minute phone consultation to help determine which design service is right for you and your space.