Site Visit

If your project is local, we can make a site visit.  This means we would visit your home or office, walk through the space, and discuss the project.  We would also take measurements, make a sketch of the space, and take pictures.  Everything we discuss will be documented through email.

$150 / hour (including travel time)


Every package includes one round of revisions to make small changes to the design.   If more extensive changes are required,  we are happy to work with you.  For these changes, we charge by the hour.

$150 / hour

Conference Calls or VideoChats

We are available to support you throughout your project.  If you receive construction estimates and you need help understanding them or just want to ask some questions, we will be happy to help.  We are also available to speak directly with the contractor and help you manage the project once it it under construction.

$150 / hour