One of my college roommates took a picture of me as we were moving out of our apartment.  In one hand I have a shower caddy with puffs, lotions, and shampoos.  In the other hand, I have a tool box.  She thinks it sums me up pretty well.  Sometimes I'm at a computer in a suit and other times I'm on a construction site in boots.     

My Dad is a contractor and I spent my summers during high school and college working for him doing whatever grunt work no one else wanted to do.  He said that it was my education to keep me in architecture school.   It worked!  And yes, I actually know how to swing a hammer and use a drill.   He taught me about construction as well as how to work with people and take care of clients.


During my professional career, I have participated in the planning, design, and construction administration of a broad range projects.  These projects have varied in scope and cost from small, retail kiosks to large multi-million dollar, multi-use buildings.


A large portion of the design and construction management work I have been involved with includes the renovation of existing buildings and work spaces.  I work directly with clients, analyzing existing buildings and interior spaces to determine which elements are salvageable and may be used in the new design. I also worked with clients to develop three dimensional drawings and recommendations.